Top cryptocurrency rates – ATH crypto. The exchange is the perfect place to check the all time high of your favourite crypto!

Every cryptocurrency reaches its high and low level in its listing period. These points can be abbreviated to ATH and ATL. You can clearly see these changes on cryptocurrency exchanges. Read this article to find out more about the peak values – ATH crypto.
ath crypto

The term All Time High, abbreviated to ATH, means the highest price a certain resource has ever achieved on an exchange platform, paired with any other currency. If a cryptocurrency has the base value of 1 USD and later reaches an unprecedented exchange rate of 10 USD – that becomes its ATH. 

The cryptocurrency exchange notes every single ATH crypto of all listed assets. Each platform registers its own rate for every listed resource paired with other currencies.

Why is every crypto ATH so much higher than the last one?

The BTC ATH kept rapidly growing throughout the years. The first important BTC ATH occurred in October 2013, when 1 bitcoin was worth 200 USD. In December of the same year, the bitcoin rate reached 1150 USD which remained the cryptocurrency all time high until its peak value until March 2017.

All time high crypto – the cryptocurrency exchange in 2017

That was the year of the cryptocurrency bull market which ended with a spectacular rise in the values of all digital coins, with BTC in the lead. The highest ATH crypto reached about 20,000 dollars for 1 BTC. It’s difficult to state one clear value for this record. As we have mentioned before, every exchange notes its own listings of each cryptocurrency and records its own highest prices for a certain period.

BTC ATH from April 2021 

The most recent bitcoin crypto ATH was noted in April 2021. What value did BTC reach? This ATH crypto is currently more than 63,000 dollars. As you can see, this is another all time high crypto has achieved – so much bigger than the previous record values.

Cryptocurrency all time high – the exchange reacts to crypto popularity

It’s hard to say what exactly is the reason for such drastic differences between the subsequent crypto ATHs. One reason may be the growing popularity of cryptocurrency as an alternative payment method or the acceptance of digital coin by more and more renowned institutions and big, private corporations.

All time high crypto calculated for sales and buys

The all-time high value is the maximum sales price of a certain asset in a given time and the amount of money the buyer is willing to pay for it. However, you have to consider the divisible nature of most digital coins because their calculated ATH crypto could be based on exchanging just one part of a coin.

Theoretically, it’s possible to buy 0,1 bitcoin for 10,000 dollars, after which the crypto rate drops. Proportionally, this would mean the highest price for 1 bitcoin ever noted – 100,000 dollars. But there was only ever one tenth of a coin sold.

Cryptocurrency all time high and market capitalization

The term “all time high” can also be used to denote the peak of cryptocurrency market capitalization. In January 2018, right after the listing of BTC ATH, the market capitalization of all digital coins also reached its all time high of 661 billion dollars.

ATH crypto – altcoin highest rates

We will give you some examples of record prices for alternative coins (other than BTC). It’s worth knowing them – the exchange doesn’t consist only of bitcoin, after all. We will discuss these cryptocurrencies in more detail:

  • ether or Ethereum all time high (ETH);
  • dogecoin all time high (DOGE);
  •  litecoin all time high(LTC);
  • ripple (XRP) all time high.

Ethereum all time high – is it based on its assets?

The second most popular and most expensive cryptocurrency after bitcoin is ether (ETH) which belongs to the Ethereum platform. The last Ethereum all-time high was noted in May 2021. The record ATH crypto for this currency is currently more than 4,100 dollars per unit.

There is a clear relation between ETH high price, its practical assets, future prospects and even unconfirmed rumours circling the web. These are just some of them:

  • Ethereum is the most popular platform for decentralized applications and smart contracts;
  • the project is on its way towards faze 2.0 – making the PoS algorithm the only way to maintain the network;
  • the VanEck company has filed a request to the American SEC committee to create an ETF fund for Ethereum;
  • every now and then, there is unconfirmed information that the largest cryptocurrency investors intend to lock big sums in ETH, not BTC.

Dogecoin all-time high – is it all caused by an American celebrity?

At the beginning of this year, the American billionaire Elon Musk started tweeting about dogecoin (DOGE). These statements couldn’t pass unnoticed, when Musk has millions of followers from all over the world. The cryptocurrency noted a fast rate rise of over 900%.

The dogecoin all time high reached 0,7 dollars per one DOGE in the beginning of May 2021. Can something as trivial as media hype caused by a rich celebrity cause the next ATH crypto? As we all know, the exchange often reacts in irrational ways to certain events.

Litecoin all time high – recent surges didn’t exceed the record from 2017

Bitcoin’s sibling cryptocurrency litecoin (LTC) noted its record price during the 2017-2018 period. The price for 1 LTC was then about 360 dollars. Considering that this was quite a high price for litecoin, its ATH from that time seemed to be unbeatable. And it had been – up until May 2021, when the litecoin all time high reached 380 dollars per unit. What’s interesting – LTC is an uncommon example of a situation when the new top rate is barely any bigger than the previous one.

XRP all time high and the ripple payment method

XRP appears to be even more unique than litecoin, when compared to other cryptocurrencies. This ath crypto was reached in the beginning of 2018, with a still unbeatable value. During that time, the coin was worth 3,4 dollars. During the recent April price surges, ripple’s price was 1,9 dollars maximum. However, XRP may still surprise us, because it’s a cryptocurrency with incredible potential.


We hope that this short article proved to be useful in your better understanding of the ATH crypto occurrence. The exchange and cryptocurrency trade need to be constantly observed if you want to profit from them. That’s why it’s best to keep regularly checking all cryptocurrency prices.

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