Can the cryptocurrency bitcoin price rise any further? Where should you look to find the current BTC rate? Was bitcoin ever worth 0 USD?

Cryptocurrency bitcoin price is an interesting matter to most everyone who has ever heard about this coin. It’s hard to forget the most recent record prices from April, when the bitcoin rate reached just over 63,000 dollars. Read on to find out more about bitcoin cryptocurrency price.
cryptocurrency bitcoin price

Digital coins are a great way to invest for those who are sensible, careful and well educated in the functioning of cryptocurrency. Beginners often look for fast ways to multiply their coins. They can get really absorbed into monitoring the cryptocurrency bitcoin price, which isn’t surprising – its surges in value can really spark the imagination. Below, we will talk about some important aspects regarding this most expensive cryptocurrency. You will find out where to get bitcoin price data and what were its rates throughout the past years. This is all valuable knowledge, especially in these times on the brink of inflation – which could mean the drop in value of traditional money.

Where can I monitor bitcoin price? Find out where you can find reliable information about the current BTC rate

There are many sources of information about the current BTC rate. Finding them usually shouldn’t be a problem. The stock market cryptocurrency bitcoin price is easily available online. You can start by using the services of companies who offer to browse the Web to filter sites for bitcoin content. There are many websites dedicated to cryptocurrencies and the stock market. These are all great places where to get bitcoin price data easily. You can find sites written in English, as well as pretty much any other language.

Where to get bitcoin price data? Other sources

Other places where you can look for bitcoin cryptocurrency price data are e.g. social media, blogs, vlogs, podcasts and RSS feeds of some news services. Cryptocurrency bitcoin price is a subject for discussion and analysis also in the offline world. Many experts on blockchains and cryptocurrencies take part in various conferences and events. We will discuss them in more detail further on in this article.

Search engines to use for bitcoin cryptocurrency price information

Here are some popular search engines which can give you valuable information on the current cryptocurrency bitcoin price:

  • Google – the most well known search engine of the Internet;
  • DuckDuckGo – an Internet search engine which prioritises its users privacy;
  • Bing – Microsoft’s search engine.

Global websites operating in the field of financial aspects of digital coins

Here you will find some examples of large websites which publish content about the financial characteristics of BTC. You can learn about the current bitcoin price and other valuable data. These are just a few of such sites:

  • CoinMarketCap – established in 2013, it’s the most popular website publishing news and information about the prices and characteristics of cryptocurrencies;
  • CoinDesk – a modern multimedia website dedicated to educating people about the financial aspects of digital coins;
  • CoinGecko – this website analyses the data collected from the cryptocurrency stock market.

Cryptocurrency exchanges – great places to monitor the bitcoin price

It’s best to monitor the cryptocurrency bitcoin price directly from the source, i.e. on cryptocurrency exchanges. You can do it on websites or mobile applications available for Android and iOS. Here are some examples of important virtual assets exchanges:

  • Binance – the largest cryptocurrency stock market in the world;
  • Coinbase – the most important digital coin exchange in the USA;
  • Tokocrypto – one of the leading cryptographical assets trading platforms in the world.

Where can I monitor bitcoin price? Is it possible only on special websites, stock markets and applications?

You can find the current cryptocurrency bitcoin price in many places, not just specialised websites and exchanges. Such information is also available from many other sources of knowledge, such as:

  • social media, i.e. Facebook fanpages or tweets;
  • newsletters delivered straight to your e-mail inbox;
  • podcasts – in audio or video formats, found online;
  • webinars – Internet seminars in the form of webcasts, with the option of interaction between the creators and participators;
  • short videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.;
  • online and offline meetings with cryptocurrency and finance specialists, e.g., the Digital Money & Blockchain Forum which took place in June this year.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency price in traditional media

Traditional mass media can also be a viable source of information. This can be newspapers, radio or television broadcasts. Cryptocurrency bitcoin price also appears in these kinds of sources. Traditional media usually only talks about cryptocurrency in the event of drastic drops or rises in coin rates, but it still provides valid information.

What was the highest price of bitcoin in history? What does peak growth mean for investors?

Now you know where to get bitcoin price data. You can use this newfound knowledge to see what was the highest price of bitcoin ever. Choose one of our recommended information sources about cryptocurrency prices. A visual aid in the form of a chart or diagram of the whole period of the recorded stock exchange valuation will come in handy. A clear graphic of the coin value allows you to easily find the point of peak growth.

What was the highest price of bitcoin in history?

When you find the peak point of the graph, you will see that the highest bitcoin price ever was roughly 63,000 USD per 1 BTC. Why “roughly”? Because each exchange registers its own valuation of a certain coin. The value you have found can be the average price from the data collected from many different exchanges and currency pairings.

What does such growth mean for investors?

Many investors certainly found this to be the reason for great joy – especially those who bought the cryptocurrency when it was available for a much lower price. But this feeling was certainly not shared by those who decided to buy bitcoin, lured by its price surge, only to watch its rate drop after their purchase. Those people can only wait for the next bitcoin rate rise, which is certainly possible. However, we cannot be sure when this will happen.

What was the bitcoin beginning price?

In January 2009, the bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto dug up the first ever block in the BTC network which was later called “genesis”. Along with the first block, 50 first bitcoin units were also created. In those times, in order to calculate the bitcoin value in dollars, you needed to know the price of digging up BTC. This meant determining the energy costs used up by Satoshi’s computer during the process of excavating BTC blocks.

What was the lowest price of bitcoin? New Liberty Standard and bitcoin valuation beginnings

To precisely valuate the cryptocurrency (which was not a simple task), Satoshi needed the help of the New Liberty Standard Internet exchange office. The exchange office team first established a price of 0 dollars for 1 BTC. This might come as a surprise – but you have to start with something. In those times, the cryptocurrency had no real conversion rate for traditional money. On the 5th of October 2009, New Liberty Standard declared the first ever real bitcoin cryptocurrency price of 0.00076 USD for 1 BTC.

What was the lowest price of bitcoin and why?

As you can tell, this starting value was below one American cent (0.076). However, this was not the lowest price of bitcoin ever in this exchange office. The lowest cryptocurrency bitcoin price in New Liberty Standard (not counting the bitcoin beginning price of 0 USD) was 0.0006 dollars per 1 BTC.

The exchange bureau used quite a complicated algorithm to calculate the BTC rate. It consisted of:

  • the average energy consumption cost of the computer used to excavate bitcoins for a year;
  • the average energy costs in USA divided by 12;
  • the number of bitcoins excavated on the computer during the last 30 days.

A pizza for 5,000 BTC – cryptocurrency bitcoin price ridicule 

As you can clearly see, bitcoin had no real value during those times. Cryptocurrency was rather a fun fact and something to make fun of. Notably, one client bought 2 pizzas for 10,000 BTC in a restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida. It was Laszlo Hanyecz, a programmer. The event took place on the 22nd of May 2010. Cryptocurrency fans still call this date Pizza Day.

The Bitcoin Market – the first ever cryptocurrency exchange and the first BTC price surges

The next stage of bitcoin trade after the cryptocurrency entered the New Liberty Standard service was the spontaneous trade of coins on Bitcointalk and IRC channels. After that, you didn’t have to wait long for the first exchange of this new currency to appear.

The official Bitcoin Market exchange was launched on the 17th March 2010. This set off the era of BTC trade and the perpetual rise of the cryptocurrency bitcoin price. When the Bitcoin Market appeared, the times of the lowest bitcoin price were long gone.

The Bitcoin Market and sudden bitcoin price surges

The first cryptocurrency exchange featured an amateur code which was full of shortcomings and errors. This resulted in many frauds and malfunctions. However, that didn’t stop users from an enthusiastic trade of BTC for dollars, which even then was the cause of sudden rate rises. In those times, you could note changes in the BTC rate of a couple hundred percent within just 24 hours. In the first days of Bitcoin Market’s functioning, 1 BTC was worth just under one cent. One and a half years later, 1 bitcoin was worth almost 50 dollars.

This brief history of cryptocurrency bitcoin price shows that BTC always had the potential for fast value growth, but also for maintaining these trends for a long time. If you wish to become an investor, you are surely drawn towards bitcoin price news and the unique characteristics of this currency.

We hope that the information sources we have provided you with will prove to be useful. You can form well-informed opinions on the bitcoin cryptocurrency price and value, based on your own extensive research.

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