Metahero – how is it connected to the cryptocurrency market? Find out who created this project and where to buy metahero!

Metahero is a unique project which is based on the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem, launched in 2021. What does it bring to the market? Find out who created it and how you can use its potential. Keep reading to learn more!

Metahero is a project created in the first quarter of 2021. People were fast to realize that this might be just what the cryptocurrency market needed. Its creators didn’t stop at creating a token. Rather – they focused mostly on 3D modelling and scanning. How can this technology influence digital reality? Get to know this incredibly interesting project’s features and find out who made it. Keep reading to find out!

Metahero – what is it?

An important function of metahero (HERO) is 3D modelling technology and digitalization. It allows you to create incredibly realistic 3D avatars. You can also design various objects (e.g. ones to use in computer games or websites). But that’s not all – you can also create NFT tokens which correspond to real collections and art works. Metahero is a complex project which will be a huge part of the virtual (games, VR, Internet) and NFT markets.

Metahero and 3D technology

You should also know that metahero creators started to cooperate with Wolf Studio – the world leader in 3D technology and scanning. Many state of the art solutions are co-created by these two entities. Metahero tools are already being used by many well-known clients, such as CD Project. Metahero’s aim is to allow public access to the innovative technology of creating virtual assets.

Metahero and cryptocurrencies

Metahero is first and foremost connected to the cryptocurrency market and the cryptocurrency platform of the HERO token. That being said, the platform’s future plans are very ambitious. The project’s creators wish to launch a decentralized exchange which will allow you to trade other tokens for HERO tokens for free.

What can metahero technology be used for?

As you can see, metahero really has some great potential. Most of all, it’s an advanced, almost futuristic technology. It allows you to create a near-perfect digital model of an object or a person in practically no time at all. This 3D scan can then be placed in a virtual world. This solution will not only allow real people to enter virtual reality, but it will also enable easier game design and 3D modelling. Still, this is only just the beginning of metahero’s capabilities.

Metahero and the technology’s potential

Metahero technology may be used for:

  • 3D modelling;
  • creating your own 3D digital avatars;
  • creating your own NFT tokens in the form of 3D scans of real objects (including works of art);
  • making transactions using the HERO token.

This is only a fraction of the potential of this innovative platform.

The characteristics of HERO tokens

An important element of the project is the HERO token. It’s a BEP-20 token which was generated in the Binance network. Metahero only allows you to use HERO tokens. Their value wasn’t particularly high when they debuted. It was estimated as barely 0.034 dollars. Today, the price of a HERO token is more than 600% higher.

What can metahero tokens be used for? There are many possibilities. Most of all, they can be used as a payment method in the 3D NFT market. They can also be used for charging fees for scanning objects with the 3D metahero scanners. HERO also works for royalty payments or buying digital artefacts. 

The most important aspects of HERO tokens

What’s different about HERO tokens? They are deflationary, which means that there is a charge for every transaction made using them. In this case, the fee is 5%. 1% of this amount is split between all HERO token owners.

The HERO token and coin burning

An important aspect of the metahero tokens is called coin burning – removing a certain number of coins from circulation. After each transaction, 1% of HERO gets burned. What is the purpose of this process? Tokens and cryptocurrencies get burned to create deflation and consequently – to increase the value of tokens and stabilize their price. 

This process is popular among altcoins – coins which are closely linked to their issuer. This way, a strict control of HERO is possible. Burned coins no longer remain in circulation. The burning process is initialized with a special command. The burned tokens cannot be recovered.

What is a token?

Since we are talking about tokens, we should explain what they are exactly. Most importantly, tokens are not cryptocurrency. The latter function within their own networks, while tokens can be used in cryptocurrency networks thanks to smart contracts (e.g., in the Ethereum network). 

But what exactly is a token? It is a type of digital chip (similar to the ones used in casinos). Casino chips correspond to real money. Similarly, digital tokens are connected to real objects, ideas, services, etc. This allows them to easily transfer the values of physical assets into the digital world and use them to make transactions. Anyone can generate their own token and sell it. There are special programs dedicated to doing this.

Who created the metahero project?

Metahero is certainly an innovative project with a huge potential. You should definitely know who is its creator. The truth may be surprising – it’s a man who comes from the country of Poland. His name is Robert Gryn. He is well-known in the world of business and modern technology. 

Who is the mastermind behind the metahero project?

Robert Gryn is a controversial, but interesting character. He is certainly a visionaire of new technology. At the age of 30, Robert Gryn was already listed as part of Poland’s 100 wealthiest people. His fortune was estimated to be around 710 million PLN, although it later dropped to a less impressive sum.

Gryn comes from a wealthy and popular family. His father, George Gryn, was the Polish representative of the Ericsson company in the 1990s. Robert Gryn studied in Great Britain. After returning to Poland, he launched the technological and marketing company WeSave and later created the advertising network ZeroPark. However, his big business breakthrough came later when he took over the IT company Codewise (he used to be their client). His actions led to the creation of the Voluum tool which enabled the analysis of market expectations and choosing the right marketing actions. Robert Gryn is currently working on the metahero project – and it looks like it’s another great business endeavour.

Where and how to buy HERO?

HERO tokens are steadily gaining popularity. It’s not that difficult to buy them. Where can you do it? You can buy metahero tokens on decentralized exchanges. These include Pancakeswap or However, in order to trade HERO tokens, you must first create your exchange account. This usually calls for not only your email and telephone number, but also your ID scan or an alternative confirmation of your identity.

How to buy HERO on the exchange?

You can buy HERO tokens on with other cryptocurrencies. You can opt for one of two options – buying these cryptocurrencies on any other cryptocurrency exchange or buy them directly from All it takes to become an owner of HERO is just a couple of clicks.

Metahero technology roadmap

The metahero project has been carefully and precisely constructed. All actions are determined by a so-called roadmap – with detailed plans for the upcoming quarters. The plans for the last part of 2021 are as follows:

  • enlarging the project developing team;
  • creating a new website for the project;
  • more actions connected with game and cryptocurrency events sponsoring;
  • partnerships with new development studies and programmers;
  • joining prestigious business organizations;
  • gaining strategic investors;
  • working on the HERO community;
  • allowing public access to the metahero 3D chamber;
  • further actions on the 3D NFT market;
  • more CEX auctions;
  • creating a new metahero application;
  • connecting HERO tokens with fiat currencies.

Metahero goals for the beginning of 2022

The metahero aims for the first quarter of 2022 are no less ambitious:

  • launching a metahero 3D franchise;
  • allowing access to more metahero 3D chambers in cities all around the globe;
  • working on blockchain projects;
  • participating in gaming events;
  • hiring more people for the metahero team;
  • actions aimed towards promoting a bigger awareness of the metahero brand across the world;
  • adding new operating languages;
  • establishing a cooperation with Visa;
  • creating a 10-year plan to gain 100 million users.

The last point in particular seems to be most promising. What will become of these plans? We are bound to find out soon enough. 
What are the future prospects for metahero?It seems that the platform really has a big chance of achieving success. Even today, a growing number of investors are buying HERO and many people are already enjoying the many possibilities of 3D scanners. However, remember that it hasn’t even been one year since the launch of metahero. We should have a much better understanding of the project in just a couple of months.

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